The BYTE Roleplaying Game Rulebook was designed with 7 original settings in mind. As all the necessary rules will be compiled in the rulebook, the setting books will focus solely on the lore (history, geography, cultures, factions, people, equipment, etc.) and practical tables to procedurally generate thematic events and elements on the fly, assisting players to tell emergent stories customized to each world.

An open world, “hex crawl”, sandbox-style, modern zombie apocalypse mini-setting included in the BYTE Roleplaying Game Rulebook.

A world filled with intrigue, swashbucklers and musketeers, magicians with deep arcane knowledge, and strange machinery fueled by meteorites with embedded divine power. Estimated release: 2021.

Player characters will roam Yeraksys inside rusty war roadsters while trying to survive both human and inhuman threats. An open world, sandbox-style setting. Estimated release: 2021.

200 years after Ashes of the Heavens, Niorthus seems to have healed from the scars of the Great War of the Twenties. It is a new, magic realist world where corporations mingle with the occult. Estimated release: 2022.

A dark space opera where technology is molded by the supernatural. Estimated release: 2022.

50 years after the events of the City and the Numina, players will return to a different Niorthus to take part in retropunk adventures set during a cold war. Estimated release: 2023.

Protect the Eternal Treaty, a dream of peace resting on the shoulders of the Magistrates. Dispense justice and face supernatural threats in an ancient world. Estimated release: 2023.

Art by Zahir Aghakhani, Oana Dascalu, Trí Nguyễn.