Rules System

The BYTE Roleplaying Game Rulebook uses an easy to grasp action resolution mechanism. Each character has attributes (such as Dexterity and Presence, with values ranging from 1 to 5) and skills (such as Piloting and Leadership, with values from 0 to 5). When a test is required, the player rolls a number of eight-sided dice equal to the relevant attribute and compares the number on each die to the pertinent skill, aiming to roll lower than or equal to that skill’s value. Rolled eights count as zeros and thus are always considered successes, but each seven cancels out a success (except eights/zeros). If at least one roll remains successful, the character achieves a favorable outcome for the attempted action.

No other kind of dice besides eight-sided ones are used in the game and there are many design decisions in place to make the game fast and exciting, from trying to pilot a starfighter to ruling a kingdom.