Modular Setting Building

The BYTE Roleplaying Game Rulebook includes 10 technological levels from which to choose – ranging from the Stone Age to the far future of space-faring civilizations – and 20 thematic modules. Each rule and item within the book was designed and written in such a way to allow players to assess instantly which technological level, and which of the 7 original settings, it is applicable to. Each section of the book will be color-coded, and icons will be assigned to each chapter and element which link them to the pertinent worlds and eras.

From cowboys to spies, Roman gladiators to mecha pilots, elven knights to vampires, private investigators to galactic rulers, the book provides everything needed for your game. It allows you to play in any historical era or the worlds of your favorite books, movies, series, or video games. It can also easily be customized for use with any “system-agnostic” settings you own.